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English Breakfast

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Ruwasey English Breakfast is a rich, aromatic Tea blended by a team of experts especially to give you a sense of alertness in the morning. This beautifully blended Tea is hearty enough to stand up to its traditional accompaniments, milk and sugar. With a delicate balance of strength and an intrinsic smoothness, you are sure to be 'picked-up' with every sip.  

    * 100% Pure Ceylon Tea

    * Eco-Friendly packaging

    * Picking you up with every sip

Make a perfect cup of Ruwasey Tea:

Bring water to boil and rest it for 2 minutes. Then add water to 1 teaspoon of Ruwasey English Breakfast and steep for 3 minutes. Strain and pour into your favourite mug. 

N.B. The longer you steep, the stronger the flavour of your Tea


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