The Story

"Tea like you've never known"

As Sri Lankans, artfully brewing a strong cup of Ceylon Black Tea from loose leaves and enjoying it with its traditional accompaniments, several times a day has been a part of our lives since childhood. Since moving overseas, we were not able to find quality loose leaf teas in the market. We didn’t think it was fair for us to know the distinction of quality Teas, and not share it with the wider world. Ruwasey Teas was founded with a dire need to introduce superior quality 100% pure Ceylon loose leaf Teas to the market.

We are a husband and wife duo, and one of us was a Tea Planter for over a decade. Both of us hail from a generation of Tea planters in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is safe to say, we are competent with the secrets behind growing quality Teas, the knowledge of manufacturing, and the proficiency of tasting Teas. We are grateful for the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to you, in the form of a quality cup of Tea. Tea is extremely personal to us and we will only provide premium quality Teas to you, because, that is the only taste we know.

Over the past decades, Sri Lanka - formerly Ceylon, had become synonymous with the 'world's finest Tea'. We at Ruwasey humbly invite you to join an enchanting sipping experience with a pledge to serving you true quality pure Ceylon Teas. We are adamant, Ruwasey Teas is going to change your life for the better.