🎄🫖🎄Christmas High Tea Workshop🎄🫖🎄

Christmas High Tea Workshop

Your host
Nela from Ruwasey Teas is A tea specialist from your neighbourhood. With over 10 years of valuable experience in both growing & manufacturing tea in Sri Lanka and in recent years running his own tea business right here in southland as well as a personal passion for the beverage, Nela has an infectious zeal for everything tea.


Afternoon tea workshops are between 1-1.5 hours


Along with some very practical applications, the Ruwasey Tea workshop covers everything from the history and culture of tea and afternoon teas to the great variety of premium quality Ceylon tea. The most exciting part of this session being the TEA TASTING paired with some great food. Tea drinker or not, you’ll be quite surprised with what you learn and you’ll come away feeling like a tea expert!



Our workshop session will conclude with tea tastingS of at least 5 teas that represent the unique range of Ruwasey Teas. Each of these Teas will be paired with a matching afternoon tea friendly food for you to experience the incredible tastes and textures of tea paired with delicious food.